About Manini

The Manini Masterminds:

Amelia and Keili met on the beautiful Island of Oahu where they attended the University of Hawaii together. Their days were spent under the sun, swimming in the ocean and frolicing in the sand. Most days were spent in nothing but a bikini and a smile. They both found themselves moving to Los Angeles around the same time and missed the island bikini lifestyle and decided to bring it to them. Manini Bikinis was born. Amelia and Keili are a rare breed. They are friend soul mates. Manini is the product of their expression and interpretation on the fashion of life.

  About the Bikinis: 

Manini Bikinis takes pride in their original prints, unique designs, soft fabric, and durable construction. Each print is created to match your lifestyle. Manini Bikinis is ocean inspired and adventure friendly. Along with being an amazing product, Manini feels passionate about protecting and preserving the ocean that fuels our bikini obsession.

These designs are the product of many late nights full of wine and laughter, wacky idea after wacky idea, hours in the ocean, days under the sun and a lifetime of dreaming. Bikinis aren’t just a summertime statement, they are a lifestyle. Manini Bikinis is for the bold, out-of-the-box, day dreamer, weirdo chic, beach bum. 

Each print is designed by Manini Bikinis.